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My name is Manuel and welcome to my blog. You'll find reblogs and posts about Pro Wrestling, music, video games and other stuff I enjoy.
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Close Encounters of the Third Kind - art by Ron Weidner (1978)
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Pan’s Labyrinth by Santiago Caruso
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#he don’t look too bothered about it actually #sean bean’s used to this #sean bean’s used to worse than this #sean bean’s used to getting killed in the most horrible and violent ways #so ‘they have a cave troll’ in sean bean language is like saying #’nice weather out tonight’ 

sean bean died all the ways possible. sean bean does not fear cave trolls.
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Catch The Rainbow by Rainbow
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Angel Witch
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— Watching The Fellowship of The Ring
- <b> Gandalf:</b> It is in men that we must place our hope.<p><b>Elrond:</b> Men? Men are weak.<p><b>Me:</b> Damn Elrond, that was cold. You don't even know me?!!!.<p>